Remote SigX Script, run SigX images off your own Server!
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Author:  admin [ Mon Jan 05, 2004 7:35 am ]
Post subject:  Remote SigX Script, run SigX images off your own Server!

The source is here:

Announcement, Please read:
Remote SigX is one of the advantages of having a paid SigX Service account.

I have started to make the code which you can run on your own server, with any image background you want, and still use sigX.

the idea behind this is the script running on your server contacts this server and gets your users data. after getting the data it can build the image anyway you want, based on the sample script i would provide with you being able to custumize it.

i know many of you have wanted this feature of being able to set your own background images.

Beta testers get to use this feature for free during beta testing. - Beta Testing is over.

but if your interested in beta-testing this, and you have your own server which has GD and php. download the right below.


and if you use custom fonts you need FreeType2.0

New version 1.1,
Fix: array out of bounds in the for loop

* If the image doesnt when using the remote sigx try replacing imagecreatetrueclor with imagecreate. that seems to be the most problems you guys have. if you do that, there will be less colors in your image though.

Download Monster

take a look at my Sig for samples. Ofcourse the possibilities are endless, if you have skills that is.

Monster Sig:

Blue Bar1:

Blue Bar2:

Blue Bar3:



*note: to use GIF your server must have a version of GD to support GIF

Author:  maxcom240kitsune [ Mon Jan 05, 2004 9:20 am ]
Post subject: 

What about inquiring those who don't like to pay to actually include a eligible "Powered by SigX" link to on the initial custom sig? And also ask them to please use a image the doesn't exceed no more than 25K for free users or what ever while payers can have more quality. Though switching to P2S (pay to see) isn't exactly the smartist thing in the world but oh well. I'll test.

Author:  admin [ Mon Jan 05, 2004 2:29 pm ]
Post subject: 

yes, i really hate charging but donation or trusting people to put to follow my limitations is not realistic. HOWEVEr, this is a great feature for anyone who wants custom sigs. also, with this, people can share their themes with others.

i will not start charging any time soon, so dont worrie.

Author:  admin [ Mon Jan 05, 2004 8:01 pm ]
Post subject: 

the function imagecreatetruecolor() used in my code does not work with GIF images, if you want GIF images you need to use imagecreate() function.

most common problems of people running this and nothing shows up on their page usualy has to do with imagecreatetruecolor() so just replace it with imagecreate() and that should fix it most of the time.

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